Travel vault

So much to keep track of... flight details, passport details, accommodation details, insurance details... Create your very own online Travel vault to store the details of your vital travel documents.

All information in your online ekit Travel vault is incredibly secure because it's stored using high commercial-grade encryption. And you're the only person who can open it and access your information - because only you ever know your pass phrase that unlocks your Travel vault.

Access information in your Travel vault 24 hours a day from any computer connected to the Internet. Or you can authorize Customer Service to access it for you. Whether you're signing in from home, work or a cybercafe in Kathmandu, your online Travel vault is safe, secure and only a click away.


The Travel Vault is free with any purchase of Phonecard. Access can be purchased on a standalone basis for $10.

It is FREE to store and retrieve details via the website. It it is FREE to retrieve details via 24/7 Customer Service.

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